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7 Causes of Car burn down

7 Causes of Car burn down
09 August, 2023

Car fires can be caused by various factors, ranging from mechanical issues to external influences. However, there’s a list of common causes of car burn down that can occur anywhere at any time and it might be very dangerous if we are not aware or careless. So, here are seven common causes of car fires :

1. Electrical System Malfunctions

The failure of the electrical system is also a commonly reported cause of car fires. The car battery, for example, functions to supply electrical power to the starter motor and ignition system. Despite its small size, a 12-volt car battery can produce hydrogen gas during charging and potentially lead to an explosion. In other words, the battery and starter cables are capable of carrying sufficient current to ignite a fire and cause a blaze in the event of damage.

Furthermore, a broken headlight bulb can also cause a fire as the filament in the front lamp can heat up and reach temperatures of up to 1,400 °C. If not promptly repaired, it has the potential to create a short circuit and result in starting a fire.

2.Fuel System Issues

Leaking fuel lines, damaged fuel tanks, or fuel pump malfunctions can result in fuel leakage and combustion. Fuel leakage is one of the most common causes of vehicle fires that occur in Malaysia. Fuel substances such as petrol or diesel are highly flammable materials crucial for cars. Fires can happen if there is a fuel leak, exacerbated by the presence of oxygen and small sparks from loose or damaged car wiring systems. Also won’t forget that incorrect fuel injection and leakage in the fuel injection system may causes a fire.

3.Engine Overheating

Overheated engine can ignite nearby flammable materials or fluids, leading to a fire. Overheating usually happens due to failure or damage to relays and radiator fans, radiator leaks, or due to a damaged water pump. An excessively hot engine combined with easily flammable fluids present in the engine such as engine oil, automatic transmission fluid, hydraulic brake fluid, and coolant, forms a complete set of elements that can lead to a fire. The occurrence of engine overheating is a normal situation that occurs among older cars, especially if the owner neglects maintenance aspects.

4. Car Accessories 

Bad wiring jobs are a fire hazard. They can burn down houses and they can burn down cars. For example, improper installation or wiring of car accessories such as car dashcams that do not follow the correct standards can also lead to fires while on the road. Another example of car accessories that Malaysian keep doing is the colorful LED lights. The accesory itself is harmless but poor wire routing, bypassing fuses, and pulling too much current is where the problem begins. Stay safe while modifying your cars.

5.Flammable items

For some individuals, cars serve not only as a means of transportation but also as temporary storage for daily necessities. However, not all items are suitable for leaving in the car. Then most common things people always put in a car such as , hair spray cans, deodorant spray, spray paint that contain aerosol, plastic bottles, electronic gadgets (power banks, tablets, camera, vape) and lighter. If the car is parked in an open area, avoid leaving these items in the car and take them with you.

6. Poor Maintenance 

Poor vehicle maintenance, such as neglecting oil changes, brake fluid checks, and other essential services, can increase the risk of mechanical failures that might lead to fires. However, there are regular checks that you can do to ensure that your car is generally in an okay condition. Such as, regularly check your engine oil, tyre Pressure by ensuring your tires are set at the right pressure ensures that your fuel is being consumed efficiently and does your car have enough coolant? (coolant prevents your engine from heating)

7. Accidents

Most vehicles today are equipped with Safety zone designed to protect critical interior components of the vehicle such as the fuel tank, car engine, battery, and other high-risk components, especially during accidents. However, depending on the impact of the collision and the circumstances of the accident, these areas may still be susceptible to damage. Vehicle components like a damaged battery or alternator due to an accident, for instance, might produce sparks that could ignite certain areas containing leaked flammable fluids, thereby causing other car components to catch fire.

It’s important for vehicle owners to stay alert perform regular maintenance, address any warning signs, and take precautions to reduce the risk of a car fire. If a fire does occur, prioritize safety by evacuating the vehicle and seeking help from emergency services.




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