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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an extended warranty program?

Unfortunately, most big repairs and breakdowns happen after the initial few years of using the vehicle. That’s where an extended warranty program comes in, an automotive extended warranty program is just what it sounds like, an extension of coverage in terms of mechanical & electrical components of your vehicle. By putting a good warranty plan in place, you can protect yourself from the burden of high repair bills.

2. Why choose GMR warranty?

We’ve been in the automotive industry for the last few years continuously providing a better ownership experience to our customers through extensive coverage to protect you against unexpected and costly repairs. Our extended warranty programs are design together with our strategic partner RHB Insurance to provide confidence to our users & we have made claims services & transparency in terms of coverage our top priority which you can always cross check with our authorised panel workshops.

3. What does the warranty cover?

At GMR we believe in providing transparency to our users, hence coverage items are listed in our website under the different extended warranty programs.

4. Which parts are generally not covered by warranty?

Warranty policies tend not to include consumable or “wear and tear” items such as tyres, batteries, windscreen wipers, brake pad and etc. Therefore, you will have to pay for the replacement of these nature of items.

5. Parts covered by my extended warranty program, how do i file a claim?

If your vehicle is safe to drive, simply take it into any of our authorised panel workshops to have your vehicle diagnosed. They workshop will submit the claim on your behalf and we will take it from there with the workshop. If your vehicle is not fit to drive, please proceed to tow it to our authorised panel workshops.

6. Do i need to pay upfront for claim?

If the part is covered under the extended warranty program, the part & labour will be fully covered by GMR up to the maximum limit of the extended warranty program that your vehicle has.

7. Does GMR charge me for filing a claim?

At GMR we believe the claim process should be to take the burden away from our users, hence we do not charge processing fee nor excess charges.

8. Where can i take my car for service?

You can take your vehicle to any of our authorised panel workshops.

9. Do i need to inspect my vehicle before purchasing the extended warranty programs?

Yes, inspection of the vehicle by our authorised panel workshops is required prior to the inception of the warranty program but fret not, let us handle the arrangement on your behalf.

10. How do i know if my vehicle is eligible to purchase your extended warranty programs?

We offer multiple types of extended warranty programs that cover different types of vehicle, feel free to drop us your contact & our sales team will get in contact with you?

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