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The Need for Speed Limits : Ensuring Safe Driving on the Roads

The Need for Speed Limits : Ensuring Safe Driving on the Roads
23 November, 2023

The primary objective of speed limits is to maintain a balance between efficient traffic flow and ensuring the safety of all road users. Speed limits play a crucial role in maintaining order on the roads, promoting safe driving practices, and preventing accidents.

In general, the speed limit around town is always between 60kmph and 80kmph, but when you’re on the North-South highway the speed limit can range from 90 – 110kmph. You should also be aware, that there are some strategically placed speed cameras, so please refrain from speeding. This article explores the importance of speed limits for safe driving, delving into the reasons behind their existence and their overall impact on road safety.

Preventing Accidents:

One of the primary functions of speed limits is to prevent accidents. As vehicles travel at higher speeds, the time it takes for drivers to react to unexpected situations decreases significantly. Speed limits are carefully determined based on factors such as road conditions, visibility, and the likelihood of encountering obstacles. By adhering to these limits, drivers provide themselves with a crucial buffer that allows for safer reactions to sudden changes in the environment, reducing the likelihood of collisions.

Reducing Accidents and Fatalities:

Numerous studies have shown a direct correlation between speed and the severity of accidents. Higher speeds result in more severe collisions, leading to an increased likelihood of fatalities and serious injuries. Speed limits act as a critical tool in mitigating the impact of accidents, giving drivers the time and space needed to avoid collisions or minimize their consequences.

Protecting Vulnerable Road Users:

Pedestrians (walkers), cyclists, and motorcyclists are more vulnerable to the impacts of a collision than occupants of a vehicle. Lower speed limits in areas with a high concentration of vulnerable road users are essential for their safety. Slower speeds provide a buffer zone, allowing both drivers and pedestrians/cyclists to react in time, reducing the risk of accidents and minimizing potential injuries. Especially, most common public places like schools and hospitals that only can drive on 30kmph speed limits.

Failing to obey the speed limit on Malaysian roads and expressways is an offence as subject to Malaysian Road Safety Act 1987, which can be fined up to RM300, depending on the difference between the speed limit and the driven speed”

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Encouraging Responsible Driving Behavior:    

Enforcing speed limits promotes a culture of responsible driving. When drivers consistently obey speed regulations, it fosters an awareness of the importance of adhering to other traffic rules and regulations. This, in turn, creates a safer driving environment where motorists are more likely to exhibit caution, patience, and consideration for others on the road.

Traffic Flow and Congestion:

Speed limits also contribute to the overall efficiency of traffic flow. Consistent and reasonable speed limits help in preventing congestion and maintaining a smooth movement of vehicles. When drivers adhere to these limits, it reduces the chances of sudden stops or erratic driving behavior, creating a safer and more predictable driving environment.

speed limits emerge as a critical thread, weaving together the fabric that holds our journeys together. Beyond being mere numbers on road signs, speed limits are carefully calculated guidelines that, when followed, ensure the safety of all road users. By recognizing the importance of speed limits and embracing them as essential tools for safe driving, we contribute to the collective effort of making our roads safer, more predictable, and ultimately, more enjoyable for everyone.

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