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Vehicle Protection: Driving With Peace In Mind

Vehicle Protection: Driving With Peace In Mind
14 October, 2016

Extended warranty coverage usually depends on the type of plan selected. An extended car warranty does not necessarily mean that all car issues will be covered. Several things should be considered to determine if an extended car warranty is worth the investment for you.

Know What Is Covered

Not all extended car warranties cover all labor and part costs. You may have to pay for some mechanic fees based on the coverage acquired. Other expenses acquired while having a car repair should be considered like auto rental fees, which some extended warranties cover. Check the terms and conditions for the extended car warranty that is offered to know what is covered.

An extended car warranty is a contract between you and the provider. It is imperative to know if the warranty provider will be able to hold the contract terms. Check for the reputation, license, and history of the warranty provider to know how claims are handled and its related costs. Learn if the extended car warranty allows you to select the repair facility, as an example. For further information, check car warranty providers’ details in websites for the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission.

Extended Warranties

Extended warranties vary in the type of coverage provided based on car owners’ specific needs and income. For example, bumper-to-bumper warranties offer the most coverage, but at the most expensive costs. This type of coverage protects against most car repairs except for the usual wear and tear issues.

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